Waste Management, Processing and Valorisation


This book highlights current efforts and research on waste management, processing and valorization, particularly in Asia-Africa countries. Chapters 1–2 highlight the overview of plastic waste management and the production of waste plastic oil (WPO). Chapters 3–5 discuss the landfill characterization and application of incineration and composting for waste processing. A new achievement in adsorbent production is highlighted in Chapters 6 and 7 while Chapters 10 and 11 focus on sewage characteristic and its utilization using microalgae. Enzyme production using waste is covered by Chapters 10-12. Chapter 13-14 dedicated to the advances in production of bioenergy. The book concludes with a discussion on life cycle analysis for solid waste management (Chapter 15).




Waste and health, Solid waste management, Plastic waste, Seaweed waste, Renewable energy, Bioprocessing, Sustainable bioethanol, Arrogate utilization, Sludge treatment, Waste composting, Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Slag waste, Palm oil mill, Microbial fuel cell


Yaser, A. Z. (2022). Waste management, processing and valorisation. H. A. Tajarudin, & A. Embrandiri (Eds.). Springer Nature.