Review of Coral Classification Status: A Case Study of Kiunga Marine National Reserve, North Coast Kenya

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Kenya Aquatica Journal
Coral classification is a dynamic science which requires regular updates on the species name changes, distribution, threats ofextinction and the methods used to detect these changes. Use of a single method of classification either morphological or geneticis not sufficient to confirm the changes. A review of Coral classification for the Kiunga Marine National Reserve (KMNR) in northcoast Kenya was conducted during October, 2014 and July 2015 to ascertain the current status and assess the coverage onphylogenetic literature; IUCN Red List status and reference to threats facing the species which are local or elsewhere. Resultsfrom this study showed that Corals from Kiunga Marine National Park were well covered in all aspects of phylogenetic literatureat 89.4% making it possible to adequately group them to their IUCN Red list categories. However, the analysis detected a groupof species which had not been assigned into any status on the IUCN Red list classification, representing 8.6%. With data andinformation on such omissions, the species could be faced with several threats hence the need to conduct further studies andanalysis focusing on acquiring comprehensive data and information for clear establishment of updated status of the taxonomy ofCorals so as to correctly label them in the groups.