Biogas Technology in Kenya

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Research into biogas production and sustainability in Kenya is in progress at Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) through its biogas laboratory. Biogas production is one of the renewable energies which we use in Kenya. Biogas importance, development, opportunities and the economical and sustainability in Kenya are discussed. The full exploitation of Kenya ‘s agricultural potential will yield a lot of biomass through which innovative use of the available bio waste from maize, cotton, tea and sugarcane can be utilized. Present and emerging biogas technologies convert these biowaste into renewable energy, thereby replacing the expensive fossil energy sources, and reducing dependency on fossil fuels. Other substrates like water hyacinth and molasses distillery waste have been found to be a good source of biogas. This review examines the energy potential of biogas production from crop residues. The findings will promote biogas addition to the energy mix Kenya needs as well as providing approaches, achievements, lessons learnt and other relevant aspects of domestic biogas programmers. It aims to achieve a greater, more effective use of biogas and contributes to the process by providing knowledge of biogas use in Kenya and its potential. Development partners are supporting the implementation of market-based domestic biogas programmers in Kenya with a view to establish a commercially viable biogas sector.