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Molecular Characterization and Diversity of Bacteria Isolated from Fish and Fish Products Retailed in Kenyan Markets 22
Positron-Impact Excitation of the Lowest Autoionizing State in Rubidium Atom using Distorted Wave Method 19
Digestibility, Growth and Economic Performance of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Fed on a Mixture of Plant Protein Diets in Cages 15
Effects of Land Use/Land Cover Change and Rainfall Variability on Hydrological Characteristics of River Ruiru Watershed, Kiambu County, Kenya 13
Optimization of Nutrients Release Parameters in Synthesized Hydrogel Minerals Anchored Material for Growth of Selected Plants in Embu County, Kenya 12
Influence of access to land and finances on Kenyan youth participation in agriculture 11
Global Occurrence and Emission of Rotaviruses to Surface Waters 11
Measurement of Radon Activity Concentration in Underground Water of Bureti Sub-County of Kericho County Kenya 10