Contribution of Integrated Water Resource Management Strategies on Conservation of Lower River Yala Basin, Siaya County, Kenya

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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
Water shortages, water quality retrogression, and flood effects entail some of the problems which require attention. These challenges can be solved by adequate management of water resources. In Kenya, the government introduced integrated water resource management strategies in major river basins with low uptake of the approach. In Lower River Yala (LRY) Basin, the Kenyan Government introduced Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) as a conservation tool with little evidence to validate its effects on the basin. This study assessed the role played by stakeholders in implementing IWRM as a strategy for conserving the LRY Basin. This study adopted a descriptive cross-sectional research design. Quantitative data were analyzed using Spearman’s rank-order correlation analysis, while qualitative data were organized into themes and categories, which were analyzed to answer research questions. The results showed that there was a moderately strong statistically significant correlation between the role of stakeholder participation and the conservation of river basins (rs (298) =0.5193, P= 0.000, P<0.01). This implied that stakeholders’ roles in implementing IWRM strategies were insufficient, thus, low conservation efforts in the LRY Basin. In conclusion, there was an association between the role of stakeholder participation in the implementation of IWRM strategies and LRY basin conservation.