Influence of Adherence to Quality Management System Standards on Access to Water and Sanitation Services in Kenya

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IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science
In Kenya, over 3,100 children die annually for using unsafe water and poor sanitation. In the2015/2016 financial year, access to water in Kenya stood at 54% for urban and 51% for rural areas. This lowaccess to water and sanitation services could be as a result of the management practices in the water servicesproviders. Previous studies have revealed the unsuccessful attempts to improve access of water and sanitationservices through privatization and structural reforms in the water sector. These studies did not assess howmanagement practices such as the quality management system can enhance access to water and sanitationservices. The objective of the study was to determine the influence of the level of adherence to qualitymanagement system standards on access to water and sanitation services. The study adopted a combination ofdescriptive and explanatory research designs. The target population consisted of the 86 water service providersin Kenya. The sample comprised 70 water service providers who were selected using the stratified randomsampling. The respondents of the study included the 70 general managers of the selected water serviceproviders. Primary data was collected by the use of questionnaires. Secondary data was obtained from the 2016 /2017 WASREB report. The instruments were tested for validity and reliability through the content validityindex (CVI=0.833) and the Cronbach alpha ’ s internal consistency index (a=0.773) for reliability. The studyfound that thelevel of adherence to quality management system standards significantly influenced the access towater and a sanitation service in Kenya (t=15.7, p<0.05).The study recommended that the management of thewater service providers should strengthen the level of adherence to quality management system standards toenhance access to water and sanitation services to the members of the public.