Establishment and early growth of Brachiaria grass cultivars in Coastal Lowlands of Kenya



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International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR


A study was conducted to evaluate the establishment and early growth of Brachiaria cultivars; Brachiariadecumbens cv. Basilisk, Brachiaria. brizantha cvs. Marandu, Piata, Xaraes and MG-4, Brachiaria hybrid cv.Mulato II and Brachiaria humidicola cv. Llanero and Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana cv. Ex-Tozi) as control. Theexperiment was conducted between November 2013 and April 2014 at Kenya Agricultural and Livestock ResearchOrganization, Mtwapa and Msabaha Centres in Coastal Kenya. The treatments were set out in a randomizedcomplete block design with four replications. Data was taken on plant number, tiller number, plant height andground cover at 4, 8, 12 and 16 weeks after seedlings emergence. Dry matter yield was assessed at 16 weeks.Results indicated that Basilisk, Llanero and MG-4 had the highest plant number at Mtwapa while Piata andBasilisk were highest at Msabaha. Piata had highest plant height at Mtwapa while Mulato II was highest atMsabaha respectively. The cultivars were significantly (p≤0.05) different on tiller number in both sites. Mulato IIrecorded the highest tiller number, followed by MG-4 and Basilisk respectively. Llanero had higher ground coverfollowed by Mulato II and MG-4 at Mtwapa but Xaraes was highest at Msabaha. Marandu (7.8t ha-1) and Xaraes(8.7t ha-1) had the highest dry matter yield at Mtwapa. MG-4 (3.5t ha-1) and Basilisk (3.1t ha-1) highest dry matteryield at Msabaha. Finally, Basilisk, Llanero, MG-4 and Piata emerged fast while Marandu, Xaraes, MG-4 andBasilisk recorded high dry matter yields than Rhodes grass.



Brachiaria cultivars, Brachiariadecumbens, Basilisk, brizantha, Brachiaria hybrid, Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana cv. Ex-Tozi)


Ngode, L. (2021). Establishment and early growth of Brachiaria grass cultivars in Coastal Lowlands of Kenya.