Mathematical modelling of The East Africa Marine Systems (TEAMS) fiber optic



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The concept of high bandwidth capabilities and low attenuation characteristics make it ideal for gigabit data transmission possible because light energy can be modelled in a wave. Mathematics and communication plays an integral role in today's world economic platform especially in large scale transmission of data and voice. We consider a cylindrical dielectric waveguide made of silica glass. The discussion will be based on the nature and behaviour of some of the ordinary differential equations (ODE's) and the partial differential equations (PDE's) namely; Maxwell equations, Schrodinger's equations and the Bessel functions and their interactions and applications then investigate the fiber optics solutions theory in communication engineering which plays a vital role in transmission capacity than metallic cables and therefore suited to the increase demand for high transmission capacity and speed. The problem involves studying the motion of sound which is a wave subjected to a sinusoidal forcing function. In this case the focus will be on Kenya being one of the developing countries in communication to the rest of the East African countries: Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania through cross-border connectivity arrangements and how fiber cables have enabled this happen in sharing data as fast as possible. The differential equations used in describing pulse propagation in the dispersion-dominated nonlinear fiber channel should demonstrate an agreement between the analytical results and the numeric. This technique is aimed at simplification of digital signal processing of nonlinear impairments represented graphically.