Sustainable Utilization of Wetlands Resources in Selected Areas of Nyamira County, Kenya

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Research journali’s Journal of Geography
Researches on wetland utilization in Kenya focus more on wetlands located in the ASALs and Lowland areas giving less emphasis to those in high agricultural potential highland areas. This paper examined the utilization of Sironga and Nyabomite wetlands resources in the high potential agricultural areas of Nyamira County. The specific objective established the resources and their uses. Purposive sampling was used in selecting study areas and key informants. Simple random sampling was used in selecting household heads. Data was obtained through the administration of 126 questionnaires of which 115 was used for analysis. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Data was presented using statistical tables, percentages and photographs. The common wetland resources utilization practices in the area are brick making activities and crop production. Traditionally, the wetlands provided place for conducting rituals and ceremonies. The following recommendations ought to be prioritized: identification of key stakeholders and assessment of their interests; emphasis on afforestation of the wetlands with trees that are friendly to the environment and adoption of alternative sources of livelihoods. The recommendations of this paper are useful in the sustainable utilization of wetland resources in Nyamira County and other high agricultural potential areas.Keywords: Biodiversity, conservation, livelihoods, utilization, wetland resources
Research journali’s Journal of Geography, Vol. 2 | No. 1