Introducing Efficient Low Cost Smoked Pots for Water Purification for Developing Countries

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Ceramic materials are easy to make using most African soils. They have been used for a long time mainly forcooking and water storage. However, in other low income economies these clay ceramic filters have been shown tohave the potential of being improved by being embedded with carbonaceous materials for water purification. In thisresearch we have produced efficient physiological and biological gravity operated smoked pots for water purification.We used well calculated volume ratios of black clay, red and sand soils (B:R:S) and soil balls; All these were baked atdifferent smoke infusing kiln temperatures for efficient water purification. We analyzed water purification efficienciesof the pot ceramics and the trickling rates at different conditions. We isolated the best B:R:S to be the 40:40:20. Wefound significant reductions in turbidity (99.95%), salinity (21.42%), microbial populations, total dissolved solutes(TDS) (17.19%), pH (1.39%) and electrical conductivity (EC) (16.92%). These ceramics can be crucial for commonor nomadic communities in sub-Saharan rural areas and in times of disaster to guarantee a cheap continued supplyof clean potable water for better health amongst the low income earning societies.
Hydrology: Current Research Volume 4 • Issue 2 • 1000152