Soil and Water Management. An Introductory Textbook



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Soil and Water Management is a text book intended for students and instructors in University or higher education for Certificate, Diploma and Degree students in a number of courses such as General Agriculture, Agricultural Education and Extension, Horticulture and other allied professions. The content of the text book has been presented in a coherent format, arranged in an explicit style that adheres to University and higher education curriculum. The textbook is partitioned into section A and section B with Review questions at the end to explicitly help the trainees comprehend the topics. This makes the book suitable for easy reading. For the calculations, worked examples have been solved in a way of illustration and details are presented. Each chapter of the book has worked examples for the readers to expound on subject knowledge




Dr Raphael Muli Wambua (Author), 2020, Soil and Water Management. An Introductory Textbook, Munich, GRIN Verlag,