Impact of human activities on land degradation IN Lugari sub- county, Kakamega county, Kenya



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This study investigated the impact of human activities on land degradation in Lugari Sub-County, Kakamega County in Kenya. The study sought to analyze the extent of land degradation; identify the causative factors for land degradation and analyze the effect of implemented land conservation measures and propose sustainable land use options in Lugari Sub-County. The study used four Landsat satellite images; A Multi Spectral Scanner (MSS) of 1973, Landsat Thematic Mapper, TM of 1988, Enhanced Thematic Mapper, ETM of 2003 and Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus, ETM+ of 2010 to develop time series land use and land use change maps of Lugari Sub-County. Data was confirmed by historical data and ongoing human activities from a socio economic survey and secondary sources. Soil erosion, soil fertility loss and pollution of the environment were associated with land use change. Correlations and regression were used to identify the human activities that have significant contribution to land cover change. Findings revealed that poor cultivation methods and traditional livestock grazing methods are the major factors contributing to land degradation. The study proposes the adoption of modern agricultural technologies to meet the nutritional, developmental and energy demands of the rural communities and ensures sustainable productivity of the land.




Wanjala, Wanyonyi & Kinyanjui, Mwangi. (2016). Impact of human activities on land degradation IN Lugari sub- county, Kakamega county, Kenya. E3 JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND MANAGEMENT. 7. 38-44. 10.18685/EJERM(7)2_EJERM-16-018.