Purification of bio-slurry waste using an electrolytic biomass solar cell with Co-generation of Bio-hydrogen Gas



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International Research Journal of Environmental Sciences


Bio-slurry disposal in areas lacking farmyards, where they can be used as organic manure is a challenge. On contrary, thereis a dire need for greener processes to increase clean potable water and bio-fuels. This study purposed to electrolyze bioslurry for its purification while producing bio-hydrogen gas. An electrolytic biomass solar cell (EBSC) of capacity 4,000mland current density 3.458amps/cm2 was used. Carbon and steel wool were used as the anode and cathode respectively. Thelevels of physico-chemicals and bacteria inhibition in the bio-slurry were monitored over a 24-day retention period.Functional groups in the bio-slurry were observed before and after electrolysis while the volumes of bio-hydrogen gas werealso monitored. Solid matters in the bio-slurry were effectively reduced by 32.15% while turbidity decreased from 18.92 to6.85 NTU. The pH value decreased from 8.5 to 6.5 with the electrolysis process. Removal of E. coli bacteria was significantlyhigher than that of S. aureus (P > 0.05). There were observable changes in the functional groups of the raw and electrolyzedsamples, corresponding to the changes in compounds and pH decline. The highest volume of bio-hydrogen recorded was450.0ml. Bio-hydrogen gas production was largely affected by the temperature and decreased over the retention period.