Challenges faced by small land holder farmer regarding decision making in innovative agricultural development: an empirical analysis from kenya



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Declining agricultural productivity among smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa remains a major bottleneck to the continent’s agricultural sector development. In Kenya’s semi-arid lower Eastern region, efforts have been made through public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives to address food insecurity in particular. Inadequate understanding and poor documentation of factors related to challenges facing smallholder farmers in decision-making to improve farm productivity and food security exists. A study was carried out to determine the factors related to decision-making among smallholder farmers to increase farm productivity for improved food security. It involved 34 Key Informants (KI) and five Focus Group Discussions. Data were collected using a check-list, a semi-structured questionnaire and a self-administered questionnaire and analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Results showed that: farmers faced challenges in deciding how to improve their farm productivity. About 76% of KI respondents observed that some of the promoted technologies did not address farmer’s immediate needs; 65% argued that technologies were promoted without considering prevailing farmers’ circumstances. The study concluded that farmers needed accurate information to make informed farming decisions; their immediate needs required technologies with diversified utilization options; analysis of farmers’ operating circumstances was crucial. Consequently, development partners should: provide adequate information on available technologies and innovations; exploit the existing PPP meetings to promote technologies and innovations with wide utilization options; put strategies in place to analyse farmers’ circumstances and promote improved technologies and innovations to increase farm productivity for improved food security.



Declining agricultural productivity, decision-making, farmer circumstances, food insecurity, improved technologies and innovations, limited utilization options


Kavoi, Justus, Mwangi, John, AND Kamau, Geoffrey. "CHALLENGES FACED BY SMALL LAND HOLDER FARMER REGARDING DECISION MAKING IN INNOVATIVE AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS FROM KENYA" International Journal of Agricultural Extension [Online], Volume 2 Number 2 (25 August 2014)