Physico-Chemical Properties of Spring Water of Gichugu Division, Kenya

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Over the past few years, increased public awareness of environmental issues has caused consumers to be conscious of the quality of drinking water. This is reflected by the large increase of the sales of bottled water and home treatment systems hence the importance of understanding the level of toxicity of the chemical elements/compounds in water. Springs are the major sources of drinking water in Gichugu. Though considered to be pure due to its filtration through layers of soil, spring water has its own health and acceptability problems based on concentration level of certain chemical parameters. Gichugu spring water has unique physical properties. Chemical constituents are thought to have contributed to the altered physical characteristics. This book gives quantitative analysis of some constituent chemicals and other physical parameters. The knowledge goes along way in trying to understand the effects of chemical composition on these physical properties. It is also useful to those concerned with issues of water quality and health, including environmental and public health scientists, water scientists, policy-makers and those responsible for developing standards and regulations.