The Assessment of land use/land covers changes linked to oil and gas exploration



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TeMA - Journal of Land Use


Understanding land use/land cover changes(LU/LC) linked to oil and gas exploration under changing climatic conditions in South Lokichar Basin is crucial.This knowledge will  inform policy makers on appropriate sustainable vegetation cover management  strategies for the sake of  pastrolism practiced in the area.The LU/LC changes were assessed using multi-spatial and multi-temporal remotely sensed imageries acquired through Landsat 5TM and Landsat 8OLI/TIRS by use of ArcGIS.The study assessed medium resolution spatial imageries acquired for the area in both rainy and dry seasons,before oil and gas exploration developments begun in South Lokichar Basin between 2006-2011 and after commencement between 2012-2017.The study established that the average area in hectares under vegetation cover had declined since oil and gas exploration developments begun.A one sample t-test statistics indicated that the area under forest,shrubland and grassland cover had significantly reduced at 90% confidence interval with a p-value of 0.072,0.074 and 0.061 respectively.The study established a decline in NDVI from 1 to 0.433 for the rainy season and 0.411 to 0.122 for the dry season between 2006 and 2017 with a p-value of 0.009 <0.05 on paired t-test implying a significant change on vegetation cover.Sustainable management of vegetation cover is important to safeguard livestock forage.




KariukiD. M., CalebM., JacobK., & OyooD. (2020). The Assessment of land use/land covers changes linked to oil and gas exploration. TeMA - Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment, 13(2), 169-190.