Kenya Success Story in Water Resources Management: Participatory Capacity Building in Integrated Watershed Management



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Management of water resources is at the heart of political discourse to raise awareness among local stakeholders for support in policy formulation and implementation of water sector development plans. The concept of integrated water resources management (IWRM) has been largely disseminated by the Global Water Partnership. Though theoretically appealing and sound, the process of implementation of participatory water resources management still has potential to yield results at local level. One reason is that the top-down approach used is too broad to be implemented and neither does it facilitate better understanding of the needs of each sector involved in the inter-sectoral collaboration to foster planning and benefit sharing of water resources. It is in favour of such practical action for water sector planning and development at small scale catchment level that the concept of "light" IWRM or "Integrated Watershed Management" (IWM) was developed to reduce various threats and severe water constraints affecting local stakeholders.