Predicting Endophytes Contribution In vivo in Napier Grass Accessions’ tolerance against Ustilago kamerunensis Using In vitro Strategies



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Two completely randomized laboratory assays were carried out at the plant pathology section of the National Agricultural Research LaboratoriesKabete in Nairobi Kenya. The aim of the studies was to determine the abundance of endophytes among an initially selected and presumed tolerant napier grass accessions to head smut pathogen and to decipher their possible synergistic or individualistic contribution to the accessions asymptomatic response to the disease challenge. The analyzed Shannon diversity indices results indicated that the abundance of fungal endophytes was unequal with some exceptions. Moreover, low inhibition percentages were obtained of the morphotypes in dual cultures in vitro with the pathogen, besides most of their interactions favouring the luxurious growth of the pathogen. Therefore, direct role of the endophytes to the tolerance of the accessions seems nonexistent if not minimal. However, heightened hormonal secretions like auxins by the crop need to be investigated to determine whether the endophytes are enhancing its production to enable the plants tolerate the pathogen damage through compensatory growth strategies




Endophytes, Ustilago kamerunensis, Abundance, Inhibition, Dominance


Omayi, D. O., Ajanga, S. I., Muoma, J. V., Ochieno, D. M. W., Muyekho, F. N., Mukoye, B., & Leitich, R. K. (2014). Predicting endophytes contribution in vivo in napier grass accessions’ tolerance against Ustilago kamerunensis using in vitro strategies.