Phytoplankton distribution and abundance in small water bodies of the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya



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International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies


A study was conducted to assess the phytoplankton distribution and abundance in relation to physical and chemical parameters in small water bodies of the Kenyan basin of Lake Victoria during the period January to July 2014. Sampling stations were selected on a profile starting from the shallow west to the deepest part of the water body. Phytoplankton genera and species were identified using keys. Algal densities were determined by counting different types of species mounted in an uthermal chamber. Other phytoplankton parameters assessed were species diversity indices and major taxa quotients. Further the following physical chemical parameters were measured: dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, conductivity, turbidity,Seechi disc depth, temperature, hardness and alkalinity. The most abundant algal types were Chlorophyceae represented by: Pediastrum Spp, Tetraedron sp Cyanophyceae represented by Microcystis spp Aphanocapsa rivularis and planktolngbya spAnabaena spp. and Dinoflagellates represented by Ceratinium and glenodininium spp. The mean dissolved oxygen concentration ranged from 3.9 mg/l at Koziga Dam to 7.9 mg/l at Lake Kanyaboli, pH ranged from 5.9 at Korowe dam to 8.2 at Oyombe dam, The mean conductivity levels for all the dams was 142.39±63.786 µS/cm. The results will be useful in the formulation of management advice for SWBs.




Babu J.M, Getabu A.M, Nyaundi K jembe D, Boera P, Sitoki L, Mwayuli G.A, Omondi R.O, Olilo C.O. Phytoplankton distribution and abundance in small water bodies of the Lake Victoria Basin of Kenya. Int J Fish Aquat Stud 2015;2(6):166-169.